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Luckin Coffee, Tencent

Luckin Coffee uses Mirriad technology in large-scale campaign to build brand awareness
Luckin Coffee, the Chinese coffee chain that’s pioneering a tech-driven model to fill online orders, is using Mirriad technology in a large-scale campaign to build brand awareness. The post Luckin Coffee uses Mirriad technology in large-scale campaign t…


Sadness and disgust among emotions that drive brand value, says biometric study
Sadness sells, according to a new biometric study that measures the link between emotions in entertainment content and brand value. The research, by AI-powered technology company Mirriad and applied neuroscience firm SPARK Neuro, drove significant value …


Sadness, romance, or disgust? Research puts brands in emotional context
Consumers are getting used to seeing brands injected into entertainment, from movies to video games to playlists. So it was just a matter of time before someone tried to link the mood of a given scene to its impact on brand perception. The post Sadness, …

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