About us

The world’s largest content players are faced with unprecedented pressure on their business models, and the marketing ecosystem is in search of new answers. Mirriad’s mission is to provide the most advanced advertising solution to the content industry that is easy to integrate, deploy and scale, and that will instantly enable new revenues and levels of reach and impact.

Mirriad currently operates in the US & Canada, Europe and the Middle East.

Mirriad’s patented, AI and computer vision technology dynamically inserts products and innovative signage formats into content after it’s produced.

Mirriad’s technology has won awards at


2022 Most Innovative TV Advertising Technology at the AdExchanger awards

2020 Digiday Best Native Advertising Platform

2019 Des Cas d’Or award

2019 Data et Creativité

2019 Les Trophées de l’Innovation Publicitaire 

2019 Lumen wins MRS Creative Development and Best Innovation awards using Mirriad’s tech

2019 Effective Digital Marketing Award for Most Effective Video Campaign

2019 Lumen wins European Innovation Council award using Mirriad’s tech 

2019 TV & Advertising Innovation Award with TFI

2018 Content Innovation Award for Next Gen Advertising Solution

2018 Digiday Technology Awards for Best Video Marketing & Advertising Platform

2017 Unilever Global Domination Award at the Unilever Foundry Event