About Mirriad

Mirriad is an established computer vision and AI-powered platform company, built on Academy Award-winning entertainment tech, with 29 patents and patents pending. Using sophisticated technologies, Mirriad connects people with brands, through seamless ad insertions in popular linear and digital content. Advertisers can now reach very large target audiences in a contextually relevant way without interrupting the viewing experience.

What we do

Mirriad’s platform embeds advertising that appears authentic into the original content at low cost and at scale.

Mirriad uses its proprietary technology stack and associated methodologies, such as machine learning, to create advertising inventory from eligible video content and then digitally embeds branded ad units into the content. This content is then delivered to the target audience by linear and/or digital video distributors, with the process managed using Mirriad’s platform.

How we operate

Awards and accreditations

Mirriad’s technology has won awards at:

  • 2018 Content Innovation Award for Next Gen Advertising Solution
  • 2018 Digiday Technology Awards for Best Video Marketing & Advertising Platform
  • 2017 Unilever Global Domination Award at the Unilever Foundry Event
  • 2012 Liberty Global Technology Summit
  • 2009 Cooley Godward Kronish LLP / NVIDIA Emerging Companies Summit