Business model

How we create value

What we have

Supply partnerships

A growing base of supply partners in our target markets covering a range of video types including entertainment content, music and influencer videos.

Demand partnerships

An active and growing number of media agencies and advertisers who are using our services.

Technology & know-how

Protected patented technology covering different elements of our platform-based operational and production workflow.

Expertise and know-how covering the end-to-end process allowing us to offer a fully managed service to supply and demand partners.

Dynamic & diverse team

A highly skilled and developed team of 130 staff based in 4 offices around the world: Shanghai, Mumbai, London and New York.

What we do

Insert advertising imagery, typically signage (billboards), product or video, into pre-existing video content.

We do this by:

  1. Creating inventory
    Analysing video content for supply partners to identify opportunities to place advertising and creating relevant supporting meta data.

  2. Selling the inventory
    Sales are made to media agencies or brands by either our own sales staff or supply partners’ sales teams.

  3. Embedding brand imagery
    Once a campaign is sold our production team either insert the required brand imagery into the original video content or deliver the required modified scenes for that video to the supply partner for distribution to viewers.

How we generate revenue

Generally we take a share of the revenue generated by the supply partner from selling advertising. That revenue share ranges between 20-30%.

Alternatively we can work on a fixed fee basis where we charge a fee which varies depending on the volume of work we do to fulfil a campaign.

What makes us different

Our expertise

A depth of expertise in analysing video to create opportunities for advertising.

Our platform

Patent protection covering key elements of our workflow.

Our operational model

A fully managed service for advertisers, agencies and supply partners.

Scalable solution

Scalable cloudbased systems.

Our opportunity

A growing range of content opportunities for advertisers and agencies targeting the 94% of airtime that is typically content rather than the 6% that is typically advertising.

What we deliver

Supply partners

New inventory and revenue streams from existing inventory tapping into the majority of viewing time in the programme not the conventional advertising.

Demand partners

A more effective and impactful way for brands and media agencies to reach audiences improving key brand metrics and driving sales.


A better, non-interrupted viewing experience for audiences using a format which is preferred to traditional advertising.

Our team

A stimulating environment where our team are proud to work at Mirriad and feel highly motivated to succeed.


A business with a substantial addressable market, blue chip clients and a scalable business model with significant future potential.

Supply partners whose content we can take to market

64 Agencies and brands used our services in 2021

Higher reach for in-content advertising versus TV spots in 2021
(Source: Nielsen, BARB, CIM, GFK. 7 campaigns)

Of viewers preferred the Mirriad format to traditional advertising in 2021
(Source: Kantar, Dynata – across 12, 2021 Studies)

Of staff proud to work at Mirriad
(Source: Mirriad annual staff survey, Dec 2021)

addressable market
(Source: Zenith advertising forecasts, Dec 2021)