Business model

Our key relationships

Using sophisticated technologies, Mirriad connects people with brands, through seamless ad insertions in popular linear and video on-demand content.

For people

We provide a new form of non-interruptive advertising allowing people to experience brands in the content they’re passionate about, which viewers see as enhancing that content.

For broadcasters/digital publishers

We create advertising inventory where none existed before offering a new high-impact format that scales, providing a new revenue source for distributors.

For brands

We are the only true in-video solution that offers a cross-platform format which looks as real as the content it’s integrated with, establishing a new model, bringing brands to life where it matters most to audiences.

How we generate revenue

We are a technology company that provides a managed service to our clients, ensuring campaigns can be booked and delivered on short deadlines at highest quality.

New inventory in content

We analyse brand insertion opportunities across approved content, identifying the most appropriate advertising categories, the volume of inventory available and the timing of availability, so distributors can offer the best campaign options to advertisers.

Viewer experience and reaction

Advertising messages are embedded into content seamlessly, ensuring no interruption in the programmes when viewers are highly engaged. Viewers react positively to this form of advertising, giving it exceptional scores for likeability.

Partner relationships

We partner with distributors. In return for giving them access to our technology, creative services, and management and reporting of campaigns, we earn a share of the revenue generated from their advertisers.

What sets us apart?

Award-winning technology company with 29 patents and patents pending

We have unique, award-winning technology protected by a patent portfolio in key markets around the world.

High creative and ethical standards

The quality of our work is a key differentiator from competitor products. Our advertising appears in high-calibre entertainment content, offering safety to brands and media agencies.

Global workforce with progressive culture

We maintain a consistent workplace culture across the countries we operate in to ensure equality of opportunity to all our employees and prospective employees.

How we create value

For business partners

We create ad inventory where none existed, offering a new revenue stream from existing assets.

11 broadcasters and digital distributors under contract

For shareholders

For shareholders We are committed to strengthening our relationship with shareholders following the change in senior management.

20+ meetings

For colleagues

We are refreshing and rebuilding the organisation’s culture following our recent change in senior management.

116 staff worldwide

For advertisers

A new way to engage with audiences increasing awareness by up to 26% and consideration by up to 20%.

For viewers

For viewers Up to 97% of viewers see the Mirriad inserts as naturally fitting into the content they are watching and up to 93% of viewers say the insertions make programmes more realistic.