Investment Case

Leading the new category

We are focused on the world’s largest advertising markets, with a combined estimated $149 billion Total Addressable Market (“TAM”)*. We are content agnostic and work across all forms of video content from high-end entertainment, through music to influencer content. Conventional broadcast advertising focuses on 6% of the available airtime while we focus on the remaining 94% comprising the content people actually want to see**.


 *Source: Zenith advertising forecasts Dec 2021. Figures for TV and online video advertising for 2022 for the US, Japan, UK, France, Germany and Canada and online video only for China

**Source: Thinkbox UK - August 2021

We have 35 granted patents, an increase of seven on  the previous year, with a further 13 in process. We are working to integrate our technology into the demand and supply side of the advertising market ecosystem. We have proof of concepts for Dynamic Ad Insertion (“DAI”)/Server-Side Ad Integration (“SSAI”) which allows different advertising to be seen by different audiences. We have run campaigns in China for Tencent based on buying audience not specific programme content (“CPM campaigns”).

granted patents with a further 13 in process

We have established relationships with a wide range of  high-quality supply partners in our core markets covering entertainment, music and influencer content. We are working with a growing range of the world’s leading brands covering key sectors such as food & beverage, FMCG, automotive, financial services and online/e-commerce.

Supply and demand partners worldwide

We work on a revenue share basis so as our partners’ revenues increase, so do ours.
Our revenue share is in the range 20-30% of gross campaign value.

average revenue share of gross campaign value