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Business description

Mirriad is a global video advertising company incorporated in 2015 and is engaged in the development of native in-video advertising (‘‘NIVA’’). Mirriad’s proprietary technology platform is capable of inserting branded products and signage into existing video content with ease as a new means of advertising. NIVA offers contextual authenticity and integrity delivered as ad units, enabling brands and advertisers to plan and run multi-title campaigns across all three screens – on air, online, on mobile. The technology allows for brand integration to be an affordable, scalable ad unit running in multiple pieces of content.

Mirriad uses its proprietary technology stack and associated methodologies, such as machine learning, to create advertising inventory from eligible video content and then digitally embeds branded advertising packages into the content. This content is then delivered to the target audience on the chosen platform(s) such as TV and digital distribution over the internet, with the process managed using Mirriad’s platform.

How we operate

Company name: Mirriad Advertising plc
Place of registration United Kingdom
Country of incorporation England & Wales
Main country of operation United Kingdom
Registration 09550311

Office addresses

Registered office Head office
6th Floor One London Wall
United Kingdom
96 Great Suffolk Street
United Kingdom
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As at 30 June 2018, Mirriad Advertising plc has 105,122,717 Ordinary Shares of £0.00001 in issue. Of these 42.3% are not in public hands.

There are currently no restrictions on the transfer of the AIM securities.

Significant Shareholders

Name Number of Ordinary Shares % of Ordinary Shares
IP Group plc 28,122,146 26.75
Parkwalk Advisors 18,480,973 17.58
Soros Fund Management 4,838,710 4.60
Janus Henderson Investors 4,440,000 4.22
City Financial Investment Company Limited 3,907,258 3.72
Progeny 3,699,036 3.52
Puhua Capital 3,225,806 3.07

Directors shareholdings

Name Number of Ordinary Shares %of Ordinary Shares
Roger Conant Faxon* 5,745 0.0
Mark Sabin Taduesz Popkiewicz 430,310 0.4
David Dorans 508,024 0.5
Mark Alexander Reilly 33,333 0.0
Alastair Kilgour 333,335 0.3
Anthony John Pearson - -

* Each of Roger Conant Faxon, David Dorans and Mark Sabin Tadeusz Popkiewicz hold both legal and beneficial titles to their Ordinary Shares in their own name.

The Company is incorporated in the UK and its Ordinary Shares are admitted to trading on AIM. Accordingly, the City Code applies to the Company.