Mirriad’s technology and business processes allow it to embeds brand advertising into contextually relevant video content, in a similar fashion to product placement, but without many of the drawbacks associated with product placement. This is a scalable process due to Mirriad’s proprietary technology.

Mirriad In-Video Advertising - How it works

Mirriad provides a scalable, technology-driven solution which is suited to the increasingly automated world of global advertising. Using IP-protected technology, Mirriad allows advertisers to naturally embed branded messaging and products which drive engagement with an advertisers’ message or proposition.

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Key benefits

Mirriad In-Video Advertising offers several benefits for both advertisers and brands and for content owners, most notable being that it is not subject to ad blocking or ad skipping.

  • the authentic and contextually relevant insertion of brands into existing content, often with a known addressable audience;
  • Mirriad In-Video Advertising can be bought and sold on a similar basis to other forms of advertising, based on KPIs such as reach, frequency and audience impressions/ratings;
  • campaigns can be tailored by time, territory and other metrics. The audience can be specified with a high degree of granularity, which increases the value of the advertising.
  • certainty of delivering brand safety by placing appropriate brand messages only in pre-existing content which is suitable.
  • new inventory offers a source of new and wholly incremental revenue;
  • a low cost of deployment as no specific integration is required to work with the Marketplace system, given that it is designed to be an easy to use on-line portal and Mirriad can accept content in a variety of formats;
  • the same content can be used by distributors and broadcasters across multiple platforms and geographies, incorporating different NIVA, with different messages appearing in different formats, helping to add value to inventory; and
  • because NIVA is part of the content and placed contextually, it is not intrusive or disruptive for viewers. Where NIVA is used to displace traditional advertising, in instances where ad loads could be off-putting, it may reduce audience churn.