Old meets new as Univision brings dynamic product placements to telenovelas
Spanish-language broadcaster Univision is spicing up its programming with advanced TV initiatives. “Linear is changing, consumers are changing, and we’re doing what we can to shift along with those changes,” said Luis De La Parra, SVP of partner solution…


How AI technology will change the way we treat advertising in 2020
Breaking news: Advertising — as we’ve known it — has died to clear the path for the new generation’s experiential advertising. What is the essence of human experience? It is hard to tell, yet it is something that defines every one of us. The post How AI…

The New York Times

You see Pepsi, I see Coke: New tricks for product placement
First came product placement. In exchange for a payment, whether in cash, supplies or services, a TV show or a film would prominently display a brand-name product. Then there was virtual product placement. Products or logos would be inserted into a show …

Business Insider

Condé Nast signs video-first deal with ad tech company Mirriad
A London startup uses artificial intelligence to insert ads into videos, and it just signed an exclusive deal with publisher Condé Nast The post Condé Nast signs video-first deal with ad tech company Mirriad appeared first on Mirriad.


In-Video Brand Insertion Will Soon Be Viewer-Targeted: Mirriad’s Beringer
Imagine a world where the TV shows and movies you watch are supported not only by digitally-inserted brand placements, but also in which those insertions are custom-targeted at individual viewers. The post In-Video Brand Insertion Will Soon Be Viewer-Tar…

New Scientist

AI is digitally pasting products into your favorite films and TV
Ad blockers aren’t going to be useful for much longer. Major entertainment companies including Univision and 20th Century Fox are now using artificial intelligence to digitally insert advertisements The post AI is digitally pasting products into your fa…

TF1 PUB and SEAT win the ‘Data and Creativity Grand Prix’ in the automotive category thanks to Mirriad’s innovative new advertising format.

TF1 Pub and SEAT win ‘Data and Creativity Grand Prix’ for Automotive category
SEAT is the first advertiser to inaugurate the virtual product placement offer in a leading French saga, Tomorrow Belongs to Us, on TF1, a campaign managed by the teams of TF1 LIVE and the Fuse agency Re-Mind PHD. The post TF1 Pub and SEAT win ‘Data and …

Luckin Coffee, Tencent

Luckin Coffee uses Mirriad technology in large-scale campaign to build brand awareness
Luckin Coffee, the Chinese coffee chain that’s pioneering a tech-driven model to fill online orders, is using Mirriad technology in a large-scale campaign to build brand awareness. The post Luckin Coffee uses Mirriad technology in large-scale campaign t…


Sadness and disgust among emotions that drive brand value, says biometric study
Sadness sells, according to a new biometric study that measures the link between emotions in entertainment content and brand value. The research, by AI-powered technology company Mirriad and applied neuroscience firm SPARK Neuro, drove significant value …


Sadness, romance, or disgust? Research puts brands in emotional context
Consumers are getting used to seeing brands injected into entertainment, from movies to video games to playlists. So it was just a matter of time before someone tried to link the mood of a given scene to its impact on brand perception. The post Sadness, …